Is Windows Vista good at all What do you think of it?

Answer LISTEN, IF YOU DON'T LIKE LEARNING NEW FEATURES, THEN DON'T UPGRADE...Here is an article on SP1:…Although it's just a rumor at this point, Microsoft appear... Read More »

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Is it a good idea to upgrade my windows xp to windows vista?

Don't upgrade buy new, that way you know that the machine is capable of running Vista. The added bonus is you can sell your old XP to someone who doesn't want to join the modern world of technology.

Is the new windows vista as good as they say?

honestly, i dont think so. if you wanted to get vista, i would probably wait untill service pack 1 at least so that microsoft can fix some of its compatability probelms and bugs

Is Windows Vista any good or stay with XP?

get windows xp black edition. its thee best*edit* here learn more about it rite here…if you download the entire program then u get to use all the programs ... Read More »

Please explain for those who told me Windows Vista is no good and why I should keep my XP Pro. Thanks!?

I have had Vista for 3 months on my new laptop and have had no problems whatsoever!