Is Windows 98 safe from most viruses?

Answer No. They have about the same risk if not more. Windows 98 is not supported anymore which means Microsoft has not released any new security updates in years. This makes you more vulnerable compared ... Read More »

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Is Frostwire safe from viruses?

On One Hand: Definition of SafeDepending on your definition of safe, Frostwire may or may not be a safe site for downloading music. If you are wondering about your chance of getting a virus, no fil... Read More »

Is bearshare safe from viruses?

On One Hand: Old Program and Network Contains VirusesPrevious to BearShare v6, downloading and using the software put users at significant risk of unintentionally downloading and installing viruses... Read More »

Is LimeWire safe Will it put viruses on my computer?

Since it's a peer to peer network, you're downloading files from other people's computers. Limewire in and of itself isn't dangerous. However, unscrupulous users who insert trojans or other viruses... Read More »

Is avast! safe for anti viruses?

Avast v8 FREE must register within 30 days(Only takes your email to do) to receive 1 year of coverageDon't forget to uninstall any other antivirus software you may ... Read More »