Is Windows 7 worth it?

Answer My 2 cents to make a transfer easier for you . Probably it will solve you question too.You may try one of program transfer tools available for Windows .* PCMover - transfers about 250 programs, se... Read More »

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Is it worth upgrading from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate?

Do not see why. Forget exactly what but Ultimate has maybe 2 things that Pro does not. Unless having one of those things is important. Check out the link below for a comparison chart. Hope this hel... Read More »

Is it worth upgrading to Windows 7?

Someone who seemed to want to slate people for saying Vista was just crap because XP was better, seems to forget that it wasn't just because people didn't like the way it looked - it was a bone of ... Read More »

Is Windows Vista worth it?

I thought i get on the end of the line.Rule no 1. Put the operating system on your home computer that matches what is at school or what you use at work. When school or work updates, you update. ... Read More »

Is switching from Vista to Windows 7 worth it?

Very worth it, i recommended it..i had windows vista home basic on my year old laptop and after i upgrade i noticed that i am getting the correct speed i was suppose to get, faster boot and shut do... Read More »