Is Wikipedia "slower" or "freezing-up" for anyone else.?

Answer Since the "Vector" skin was made the default for non-logged-in users, just the other day, most pages are going to be slightly larger in terms of byte count. However, browsers that have been storing... Read More »

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Has anyone else got their heating on full blast and still freezing?

Great question Donna.My bedroom is always hot, come and stay with meWoof woof

Does anyone else see J's on wikipedia ?

No way, Ri. Jirtually all of Wikipedia's jast database is tested daily by its jaliant editors to ensure that all alphabetic characters are jalid. The jariations you seem to be experiencing could be... Read More »

Is wikipedia blue for anyone else?

Does anyone else hate Wikipedia?

I read your blog and....sorry, but---bitter much? You're essentially denouncing Wikipedia for being what it claims to be: An encyclopedia that anyone can edit, whether they be an expert, layman, o... Read More »