Is Wikipedia an encyclopedia or a "Communal Blog"?

Answer Its a documentation website that any body can change answers to anything. i dont trust that site

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Wikipedia encyclopedia.?

~9.25 million articles in 253 languages~1.74 billion words~The English version has 2 million articles with over 990 million words~If all the Wiki articles were turned into actual encyclopedias, the... Read More »

Wikipedia an Encyclopedia?

Absolutely. Wikipedia in the new encyclopedia for the next generation. It's possible that over time the rules regarding editing may change, however since it's an open source of information, it grow... Read More »

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is written by volunteers from all around the world since its creation in 2001. there are 2,196,799 articles in English. I recommend visiting this link before i bore you too much. http://e... Read More »

Who edits the Wikipedia encyclopedia?

its an open website, anyone that wants to, can do.