Is Wikipedia an accurate site?

Answer You should never use it as a source, but Wikipedia is a fantastic place to get a general idea of a subject. A great thing to do is go to Wikipedia, and when you come across a point you want to ques... Read More »

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What type of services does the site wikipedia provide Yahoo India has regular feature on this site?

it is very simple, visit and find out. why wait for answers from others. u can do it yourself

Is the site cappex accurate?

Must be, The. After all, Miss Laura C is quoted as saying “The opportunities offered to me by Cappex keep me optimistic and excited instead of anxious or scared about my future.”I'm convinced! ... Read More »

Do you think Wikipedia is accurate?

Heck no.You can slander respected journalists on Wikipedia.You can invent fictional characters and pass them off as real on Wikipedia.You can announce the deaths of celebrities months or years befo... Read More »

Is wikipedia accurate?

No, anyone anywhere can write something. I don't trust it.