Is Wikipedia a trustable resourse?

Answer Anything that has the ability to be edited by just anyone cannot be trusted. A lot of people are totally clueless and think they have all the answers, and some even post on Wikipedia.

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Is Wikipedia trustable?

There are so many wrong answers here it's difficult to know where to start . . . Wikipedia has been found to have fewer errors per page than the Encyclopedia Britannica. So said the CEO on the Cha... Read More »

Would you describe Wikipedia as a trustable source and why?

Not at all. I would describe Wikipedia as a MMPORPG.The goal of the players in the Wikipedia game isn't to create a "trustable" encyclopedia, it is to enshrine their own biases and opinions into on... Read More »

Is Avast free version trustable?

It is OK.I found it to be a bit of a resource hog though.I do not know much about ESET but it may just be detecting PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Program) to show that it ***may*** be a better produc... Read More »

Is the shipping system is trustable for transport drug Have any idea?

Check with your local Shipper and ask about the Federal laws regarding shipping of legal drugs. They would be more than happy to assist you.