Is Wikipedia a good reference?

Answer Of course Wikipedia is prone to error, often malicious error, and other times simply bone-headed editing and reverting over a point that is simply not clearly known. I'm going to give you three exa... Read More »

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What is a good Wikipedia reference to use?

The subject needs to be notable. Just being real/famous may not be enough to secure an article in Wikipedia. They will be deemed notable if they (or their work) has been discussed and published in ... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a good enough academic reference?

absolutely not. It's a good place to get an idea about something but you should ALWAYS cross reference as any jerk can write whatever they want

What is a good reference site rather then wikipedia?

Get a library card from your local library, then google your county library homepage, ex/

Why is wikipedia not a valid reference?

Wikipedia is not a valid source because it does not have review for publication. When a traditional reference source publishes some work, they (in theory) have someone check over the article for mi... Read More »