Is WikiPedia really a reliable encyclopedia website for real infomation?

Answer I really like the website. When I search for any subject, which happens a lot at work, generally Wikipedia is the first search result on the list. It's quick and overall informative. A lot of good ... Read More »

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Encyclopedia sites more reliable than Wikipedia?

Yes, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with access to the internet(?) which can be a huge plus when the topic covers an unusually obscure topic that traditional encyclopedia writers do not have acc... Read More »

Is there a free online encyclopedia like Wikipedia but is a more reliable source that can be cited? site is awesome and reliable

Do you think that WIKIPEDIA is a reliable website?

It is as reliable as the users who write the information areYou can see:…that is what they have to say about it.The way Wikipedia works is that people are... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable website?

No, it's not.The first draft of each article is usually written by someone who is not very active on Wikipedia. They may or may not know a lot about the topic. After the first draft, a small, core ... Read More »