Is there a prepared foods menu for Whole Foods?

Answer You might try calling your local store and see if they can email their typical selection or something. However, since their is so much variety between the stores, there isn't one 'main menu'.

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Why are whole wheat foods more expensive than refined wheat foods?

I think it is economies of scale, they produce so much more refined stuff they can do it cheaper

How would a person know when they are hiring at area 51?

You would have to contact Scully or Mullder.

What transponder does dish network use for local channels in high definition in Lexington kentucky area?

I am a Dish Network Installed In California and I made about 50,000 last year. I have to say Dish takes care of us!!

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Most teenagers like junk food. I guess im a weird teenager cause i love salad and veggies, and fruits but most kids like chips, and everything bad for them. Additional InformationI am around a lot ... Read More »