Is Warren W Davis related to Richard to Richard k Davis?

Answer That's completely up to you, I cant state any opinion on that.

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Is Richard Dean Anderson and Richard Norman Anderson related?

What is the origin of name Davis?

Davis is a boy's name of Old English origin and meaning “son of David.” It was a surname used in the Middle Ages and is a variant of the name David. There are eight variants for Davis, includin... Read More »

Who is Jessie Davis?

Jesse Davis is a respected jazz saxophone player from New Orleans. He studied at Northeastern Illinois University and the New School in New York. Davis also has had a brief acting career, starrin... Read More »

Is the name"davis"jewish?

The name "Davis" comes from the English, and it means "son of David." It is one of the most common surnames originating from Wales and England. David was a common name in the Old Testament of the B... Read More »