Is WWE wrestling real?

Answer On One Hand: Scripted MatchesWWE matches are planned by the wrestlers and trainers. The end match result is always predetermined. Some of the match's highlights and stunts may also be planned by th... Read More »

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Is wrestling actually real because everyone says it is?

WWE is fake. Shows like UFC are real.Wrestling is not fake. Wrestling is predetermined. Only very certain parts of the matches are staged, and the rest is improv. Slams and high-flying moves are re... Read More »

How to Create a Real Wrestling Match?

This is for backyarders and also rookie wrestlers! When you write and perform your matches, you sometimes feel like it's quite different of what you see on tv/pro shows.Learn how to write and perfo... Read More »

How much do real wrestling belts cost?

Belts that are identical to those used by professional wrestling companies cost from $250 to $1,500--and sometimes beyond. Cheaper plastic toy belts exist as do cheaper generic metal belt designs.R... Read More »

If you have Dish Network and want to watch wrestling what numbered channel is ECW Wrestling on?