John cena saysin a talk show he will married is that raid?

Answer He sold it in a barrett Jackson auction in 2008. I believe the winning bid was right around 24 thousand dollars.

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How to Be Like John Cena?

John CenaJohn Cena is very good person but to be like one generous man like him, that's going to be so hard. John Cena has won The WWE United States Championship, The WWE Championship,The WWE World... Read More »

How to Do the Fu (John Cena)?

John Cena giving the F-U to Kurt AngleIt's an awesome maneuver to do and it can really pump up both you and the crowd. It's just like a normal fireman's carry but a little different.

How to Do a Protoplex Like John Cena?

This a move before John Cena performs his signature move the five knuckle shuffle and is very cool.

How to Do John Cena's Entrance?

Do you want act like John Cena and perform his entrance? Here's some steps to show you how.