Is Vodka and a sharp Knife the best Way to deal with...?

Answer Maggie, Auntie Pablo CAME from the funny farm, what have the poeple there done so bad that she should go back?editOMG Maggie, I couldn't possibly take her ....I..........I......erm..........have to... Read More »

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What is the best way to make sure a knife is sharp?

To answer that, there is one way that I personally have studied to make sure a knife is perfectly sharp, and has no dents. If you own a black light all you have to do is take dull or dented knifes ... Read More »

Vodka... Whats the best mixer to go with Vodka ?

How to Deal With the Ethical Dilemma of a Student Bringing a Knife to an Elementary Classroom?

Bringing weapons to school is one of the most potentially dangerous features of school violence. Students who have previously been victimized are five times more likely to bring a knife to school t... Read More »

What is the best juice to mix vodka with?