When did Angus Young start playing guitar?

Answer Angus Young, of AC/DC, began seriously playing guitar at the age of 14. Young came from a musical family, with both of his brothers also being musicians. His older brother George was a member of th... Read More »

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Why Were Young Boys Playing Women's Roles in Plays of the Shakespearean Era?

Theater performances in England's Elizabethan era, when many of Shakespeare's plays were written, were set up differently than in modern times, where men, women, boys and girls of all ages act toge... Read More »

What is wrong with young girls today?

Awesome post! wicked video!I dont know about young girls these days, I was playing with barbie dolls at 14 and now they are all having sex and getting pregnant!very sad.

How could you have a man who sexually abused you at a young age convicted today?

Answer That really depends on what state you live in, there are different laws. "statutes of limitations" In some states you only have a certain amount of time to report abuse, but in others there... Read More »

Do the young people of today realize they are being sold a " bill of goods" by the music industry?

I agree that music today is tasteless. I hardly even listen to the radio anymore...I just pop in a cd instead. And the subjects we sing about are less than amusing also. Sex, body parts, drugs, ... Read More »