What is the name of the RCA Victor dog?

Answer The RCA Victor dog was named Nipper, after the pet of the late 1800's London artist, Francis Barraud. Barraud observed his fox terrier sitting attentively in front of his talking machine and create... Read More »

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How did victor bergman die?

Season 2 will be released mid August of 2008 as for season 3 - best guess, sometime in September of 2008

Y&R-Do you think Victor might do something to Daisy?

That thought crossed my mind, he has the money to do something to her. OMG did you see Daniel's face at the end of the show today???BQ I love that show, and its the Dog or me as well

Y&R-What did you think of what Victor and Sharon?

What is the origin of the name Victor?

The boy’s name Victor comes from the Latin meaning “champion.” Both the name Victor and its feminine form Victoria were borne by many saints of Christian Rome, with more than 200 listed in th... Read More »