Is Verizon phone service available in France?

Answer Verizon does not offer any kind of landline service in France, but it does offer cellular phone service. You can rent a phone from Verizon, paying a daily rental fee and minute fees, or you can buy... Read More »

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Can you cancel Verizon phone service and still have Verizon DSL?

Verizon sells high-speed Internet access using DSL technology, through its phone lines. While they have discounted packages for subscribers who also have phone service, Verizon also offers DSL to t... Read More »

Can you cancel Verizon phone service& still have Verizon DSL?

As of July 2010, Verizon's telephone and standard Internet service bundle comes with a one-year contract. If you are under a bundle contract, you may cancel either of the services before the contra... Read More »

Can i have verizon phone service with at&t dsl?

On One Hand: It Is PossibleIt is possible to have AT&T DSL Internet service with a Verizon home phone or mobile phone. Nothing in either company's contract would keep you from having additional ser... Read More »

Can a former Verizon cell phone be used with AT&T service?

Verizon and AT&T use two different types of cellular networks. Verizon phones use the CDMA standard and AT&T uses GSM; these two standards are not compatible with one another, and therefore phones ... Read More »