Is Vemma a placebo?

Answer Vemma is not a placebo. It is a type of liquid dietary supplement that is made from a combination of full-spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, mangosteen fruit, Aloe Vera and organic green te... Read More »

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Does Vemma work?

On One Hand: Vemma Claims and StudiesVemma claims it is a clinically proven, 12-vitamin fruit drink mix with full potency in every serving. It states its clinical studies are done by Brunswick Labo... Read More »

Science Fair Projects Using the Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is a phenomena in which a patient's symptoms are alleviated because they believe that a particular treatment will work. Some consider the placebo effect to be a real product of p... Read More »

Birth control: what's the point of placebo week?

It can cause a serious infection in your uterus if you never ever have a period.The placebo pills are just so you don't get out of habit of taking them.

Use of 'Placebo therapy' in the management of physical and psychological ailments...........?

The Placebo Effect" is a very serious problem for the drug companies. Whenever they study the effects of a new drug on Humans they have a control group which gets a placebo. Interestingly the contr... Read More »