How to Improve Employee Morale After an Employee Got Fired for Theft?

Answer Firing an employee for theft from your company is something no business owner wishes to do during their time in management. Sometimes it does occur, and that owner may find themselves with lacklust... Read More »

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What Are My Rights If I'm Being Suspended or Fired From Work in Maryland State?

In Maryland, most employment is considered "at will," so even if your employer unfairly fired you, it may be difficult to win a wrongful termination lawsuit. However, if your employer suspends or f... Read More »

What can i do if i got fired for NO REASON!?

If Texas is like California, it is an "at will" state -- meaning that you are free to quit a job for no reason and your employer is free to terminate you for no reason.

The state of georgia. work on a farm. employee treatment.?

They are probably breaking every one. Farms do operate under different regulations though. Maybe it is time to start looking for another job.

Can a Contracted Employee Be Fired?

Hiring an employee under a contract is an effective way to lock in your key employees and prevent them from leaving the company to work for the competition. Just because an employee is under contra... Read More »