Is Unearned Sales Revenue a Liability?

Answer Accrual accounting is an accounting method in which accountants record transactions as they occur. This can lead to recording a transaction without actually recognizing the benefits or gains from i... Read More »

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Is Unearned Revenue a Contra Asset?

Almost all accounting is done on either a cash basis or an accrual basis. Cash basis accounting means that costs and revenues are recorded on the accounts when cash is either paid out or received f... Read More »

Amount of yearly revenue from alcohol sales in Jefferson County, Kentucky?

Contact the county revenue office. (502) 574-4860

Is my liability Insurance based on payroll or sales?

I think that it would be based on the amount of liability protection you need, you don't say exactly what kind of policy you are speaking of. Contact your agent and he will have this information.

On an occurrence based policy if insured sales his commercial property 11012002 and a liability claim is reported 152007 for a slip fall that took place on 5-15-02 would there be coverage under the l?

Answer This question cannot be answered, because the policy period is unknown in this story problem. In an occurence based liability policy, the insurance will pay on all claims that were caused b... Read More »