Is U.S. dual-citizenship travel to Cuba possible?

Answer People with both American and Cuban citizenships should exercise caution when traveling to Cuba. The Cuban government does not recognize a dual citizenship between these two countries and may encou... Read More »

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Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance CompanyHow do i obtain a travel card for proof of insurance for travel in Cuba?

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Does the UK allow dual citizenship?

The United Kingdom allows dual citizenship. You do not need to give up your current nationality or citizenship to become a British citizen. If, however, you are already a British citizen and you wi... Read More »

Does the us allow dual citizenship?

The United States government does sometimes permit dual citizenship. If a person is born in another country, but is born to parents who are U.S. citizens, that person can be a U.S. citizen and a ci... Read More »

Does India allow dual citizenship with the U.S.?

India does not allow dual citizenship with the United States. Instead it has a visa for Overseas Citizens of India (OCI). These individuals are granted an Indian visa with no time or travel restric... Read More »