Is Tylenol good to take for a minor concussion?

Answer yes then take a nap.

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I think I have a minor concussion?

You should go to a doctor because you may have a concussion. Sometimes symptoms will not show up for hours or even a day after you get the injury. Because of this you may not have had any symptoms ... Read More »

Do I have a minor concussion an what will happen to the girl who punched me?

You probably have a minor concussion. Just relax and lay down. Don't run around or anything. Take it easy and for the Pain take an aspirin, not an ibuprofen.

Can I take Tylenol cold instead of Tylenol sore throat after the four hours has passed?

if it's time for your next dose and you want to take tylenol cold instead or tylenol sore throat, that's fine. they just don't want you to overdose on tylenol (max daily dose for an adult is 4000 mg).

Are Tylenol 3's good for an occasional hangover?

Bananas can help cure or prevent hangovers. The main causes of hangovers are dehydration and depletion of potassium, both direct results of alcohol consumption.Bananas are an excellent source of po... Read More »