Is Trident gum bad?

Answer On One Hand: Good for Body and MindExperts at the Wrigley Science Institute and researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine claim that chewing gum can help people, particularly students, with con... Read More »

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Why is Trident gum called Trident?

The world's first sugar-free chewing gum, Trident is famous for having "four out of five dentists" recommend its use to their patients who chew gum. Not surprisingly, Trident's name comes from its ... Read More »

What Is a Trident Submarine?

Acquiring its common name from the class of nuclear missiles it was designed to carry, the Trident submarine is a strategic nuclear-powered submarine operated by the United States Navy. Eighteen of... Read More »

How long has Trident gum been around?

Trident, a division of Cadbury, introduced the first Trident gum in 1960, but it wasn't until 1962 that the sugar-free gum for which Trident became known was launched. The original launch was only ... Read More »

Can you eat the wrapper from Trident gum?

Not unless you're a goat... The official answer - after calling the Trident company - is that the wrappers of Trident gum are not meant to be eaten along with the gum. It's just regular old wax pap... Read More »