Is This a Trumpet or No?

Answer To me it sounds nothing like a trumpet, but sounds more like a synth sound, or an electronic generated sound. It could be a sonic-manipulation of a string sound, or even an effect on a synth pad.I ... Read More »

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How to Store a Trumpet?

Proper storage will keep your trumpet safe during periods of inactivity. Prevent tarnishing, dust accumulation and moisture from affecting your trumpet while it is stored away, because they can sev... Read More »

How to Screech On a Trumpet?

Do you want to sound like Maynard Ferguson? Do you want to go from a low C to a high F in half a second? Keep reading... Screeching is the same as wailing thing but with lip vibrato.

How to Play the Trumpet in a Day?

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How to Oil Trumpet Valves?

If you play the trumpet, it is good practice to know how to oil your valves. This should be done very often. Usually once every week.