Is This a Healthy Breakfast Idea ?

Answer That sounds really healthy. These are few more ideas for you:1.French toast Instead of eggs and milk, try using ingredients like soy milk, silken tofu, bananas, or apple butter.2.An endlessly adapt... Read More »

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Is this a healthy breakfast?

I don't imagine it to be particularly and you should eat whole eggs and don't waste the goodness of the yolks.Dune

Was this a healthy breakfast?

Yea but corn flakes would of been better for you :)

Is this a healthy breakfast for a ten year old?

yea thats pretty healthy but damn thats alot im suprised a girl that young could eat that much without getting sick

Is this a healthy breakfast for vegetarians?

cheerios = bad, very bad [highly processed, not real food, wheat and gluten can be a problem even for non-celiacs, has sugar, additives, etc]whole milk = acceptable [if you dont have lactose intol... Read More »