Is This Unusual Cuz I'm just wondering if it is.?

Answer Yes, it's a normal weight. Look at BMI for details but don't read too much into it. I have a friend who is 5'7" and weight 190lb, which for him is over weight but he's sold muscle so over weight is... Read More »

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Just wondering if anyone can answer this for me?

It may not have been a period dear. (I'd write it in your journal or a piece of paper when the bleeding started and ended) and then take a test in a few days from now and see if two lines show up.... Read More »

I just had sex for the first time and am wondering is this normal....?

Ewww....that's soooo gross. I wouldn't want u to do that either.You should go to the doctor and see if somethings wrong with u. vvvIt's people like you who make mocking worth wild.

Just wondering if this is practical for computer memory?

Steve, you are thinking that is very good...

I was just wondering if any body else finds this particular site?

Yes a lot and am very glad some users have been able to help you out,,,,just stay here and soon you will have "Yarhoodlers Syndrom" the inability to go a day without visiting this site,,it`s good f... Read More »