Is This Unusual Cuz I'm just wondering if it is.?

Answer Yes, it's a normal weight. Look at BMI for details but don't read too much into it. I have a friend who is 5'7" and weight 190lb, which for him is over weight but he's sold muscle so over weight is... Read More »

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Unusual eye floater?

It could be a sign of retina problems, please go to your doctors.

I have an unusual question, sorry?

I know someone who had this done as a ten year old and it can be very painful.. I wouldnt recommend it unless its a medical thing and in that case he would be entitled to nhs surgery..

What is the most unusual object you own?

Is this eye colour unusual ?

They definitely are quite a sight, but I wouldn't say it's unusual. :) BTW We have the same name. HIGH FIVE.