Is This The Best Time To Buy A HDTV?

Answer Yes right before the superbowl

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I heard the best time to buy a HDTV is after the superbowl?

Makes sense. Lots of folk would want to enjoy the game on a big screen and the Superbowl's a good excuse. Having said that, after Christmas is usually good too as a lot of time is often spent in fr... Read More »

A question about HDTV concerning the best picture quality with only a digital Time Warner Box?

The HD box will make the picture on the HD channels better, but it does nothing to improve other channels. Make sure those channels look good before the technition leaves, if not call Direct TV. ... Read More »

Have a sony 42 inch hd monitor - your cable provider does not offer hdtv at this time is there a way to get another component?

You can always get what's called an `upconverter'. What that does, is convert standard video into a synthetic HDTV signal by using a technique known as line doubling. And no, I don't know off hand ... Read More »

I need to reseed my lawn, when is the best time to do this?

You must do it now, any later in the year and the seed will just lie there and rot, then you will have to wait until late spring.