Is This Safe to Eat I Just Randomly Found It.?

Answer Don't be silly, if its like mushy soup and was meant to be eaten 20 years ago it could be really bad for you. It could cause terrible stomach aches, vomiting, getting the sHits and may even be fata... Read More »

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Is it safe to eat a used tampon you found in the parking lot?

I found a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE room beneath my house!!! What could it be / is it safe?

whoa thats tight. it culd have been an old dungeon possibly...or underground railroad

Is it safe to drink from an opened bottle of vodka I found in the park?

yeah you should you never know who could've had their lips and saliva on that bottle previous to you . you shouldn't ever drink something open that you don't know who the previous owner was especia... Read More »

Where I can found Safe & Easy Weight Loss with HCG Drops &Injections?

We've seen the same weight reduction ends in numerous people having the HCGdeclines as well as HCG injection therapy. We've acquired a minimum of 50 people do the declines for thefew days as well a... Read More »