Is This PC Configuration Good To Play Latest Games At Low To Mid Settings!?

Answer CPU is fine. I'd look for a Radeon 5770/6770/7770 GPU though. The 9800GTX doesn't support DX11.

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How good is this system to play games like skyrim and assassins creed 3is this a good gaming system?

It might run AS3 and Skyrim on the lowest settings possible. That video card is absolute crap. Agree get at least a HD 7770 or GTX 650. My suggestion is to go for the 660ti if possible

Would this graphics card be good enought to play high quality games like Call Of Duty 4?

hi Sukhdev yes more than good enough,and along with the excellent Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 3gb of ram this should allow you to play call of duty 4 at some reasonable detail levels and... Read More »

Can I buy Nvidia512 MB 7300GT PCI-E Graphics Card 512MB GeForce to play call of duty 4 andcoming latest games?

Try this link,…they will test your settings and tell you if your system can run any game you choose. They will also suggest any needed upgrades for better... Read More »

Can this PC handle these games on highest settings?