Is This Good for a New Youtuber?

Answer Yes

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Any good usernames for a gaming YouTuber?

And I think of: The Intangible Racoon,Ballistic Paperclip Dirty Eyeball ThermiteFist The Mighty toenail(drumroll).......Bob Seventh SanctumBloodthirsty E. W. GardnerFriendly RMars the MarsThe Cop K... Read More »

Should i become a youtuber?

yep..!! u should go 4 it becOz being a you-tuber I've experienced lot things nd I've uploaded many of my videos thats also a great fun, so u should also become a you-tuber...

Should I be a youtuber?

Sure why not? You've got nothing to lose. Maybe after you do a few shows for the hell of it'll get the creative juices flowing and you start to develop content of interest.

How do you become a youtuber?

First thing am a YouTuber am gonna tell you, there is just 2 ways can be youtubes who watch every single video and then you tell the world about it2. To make your own videos by a camera you s... Read More »