Is This Good for a New Youtuber?

Answer Yes

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Any good usernames for a gaming YouTuber?

And I think of: The Intangible Racoon,Ballistic Paperclip Dirty Eyeball ThermiteFist The Mighty toenail(drumroll).......Bob Seventh SanctumBloodthirsty E. W. GardnerFriendly RMars the MarsThe Cop K... Read More »

How good is this system to play games like skyrim and assassins creed 3is this a good gaming system?

It might run AS3 and Skyrim on the lowest settings possible. That video card is absolute crap. Agree get at least a HD 7770 or GTX 650. My suggestion is to go for the 660ti if possible

How do you become a youtuber?

First thing am a YouTuber am gonna tell you, there is just 2 ways can be youtubes who watch every single video and then you tell the world about it2. To make your own videos by a camera you s... Read More »

How to be a famous youtuber?

Be spontaneous, be funny. But you do it because you like it. Not because the fame, if you do that only because the fame you will be fake and don't going to nowhere (sorry if my english isn't perfec... Read More »