Is This Camera Comaprable To Cannon Or Nikons DSLR?

Answer Yes. In fact, the sensor in the A900 is the same sensor used in the Nikon D3x.If you only count the lenses listed in the Sony catalog it appears that Sony offers fewer lenses than Nikon or Canon. H... Read More »

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Which dslr camera is better between cannon 550d vs nikon d90?

I own and always recommend Canon for superb photos and a solid build.I wouldn't say one is better than the other but I'm not into manufacturer specs. I'm into results.My Rebel XS gives me the resu... Read More »

Can you use lenses from cannon OS 100 on new cannon digital camera?

What would be a decent dslr canon camera for this?

I highly recommend a Nikon D90. It's old, but it's a good price. Get a good flash too.

Cannon vs nikon [dSLR]?

The Canon vs. Nikon war is never ending. Right now, I'd say Canon is ahead because they have came out with some amazing DSLR's and lenses as well lately, but in another year or two Nikon will be co... Read More »