Is This A Sign Of My Period?

Answer Yup, that's what it sounds like :) It's impossible for me to say when you will have your full period. If you have any sanitary pads in the house, you can use one now and then speak to your mom wh... Read More »

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You have very sharp cramping in pelvic area and period is due in a week is this a pregnancy symptom or a new sign you will be starting your period?

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you normally have breast soreness the week before your period but this month you have not and your period is due in 5 days?

Answer Sometimes a womans breasts may be tender on her previous period but on her next period they wont be tender or painful. This is a commonn occurance.I wouldn't suspect pregnancy unless you hav... Read More »

Is this a sign of pregnancy spotting a week before period due?

Last month you spotted for two days then your period got heavier this month you spotted for four days and now today your period is starting to get heavier is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer no, it is a sign of stress. try to relax joymaker rn