Is This A BugBite Or + How to treat it 10pts?

Answer Take care of bug bites like this...Turn on the hot water on your sinkPut the bug bite under the water for one second or as long as you can take the pain.Air dry the infected area or pat with a towel.

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10PTS. PLEASE HELP !.Do you treat a shoulder sprain or strain with ice or heat ?

Ice for 20 minutes followed by heat for 20 minutes a few times daily for the first three days then just heat a couple times a day. The ice will reduce inflammation and the heat will draw blood to t... Read More »

What is this name!! I cant REMEMBER!! 10pts to the one that helps!!?

ok...i really dont no rither but i went to google and searched for it and somebody wrote dis read it and see can u remember it: I thought I knew what I was doing, but it's not working. What we want... Read More »

How do I remove this Privacy Protection virus (10pts for best answer!!)?

to Everyone who has just answered the question: these solutions suck. Manual removal is so much easier, go post somewhere else.solution:OK dude, heres how you back door this mofo. 1: --safe mode ... Read More »

How should I treat this?

Ive found in the past that petroleum jelly really doent moisturize so much........its more like bandaid you just put it on there and it protects more than anything .What ive done in the past is us... Read More »