Is There a way to make a telephone cord or turn an ethernet cord to a telephone cord?

Answer Phone cords are relatively cheap. Got to the dollar store and get one.

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Does an Ethernet cord work as a phone cord?

While Ethernet cables are capable of carrying phone signals, rigging one up could be complicated. The ends of Ethernet cables are wider than phone cables, meaning you need an adapter, at the very l... Read More »

How to Repair a Telephone Cord?

A single-line telephone, as traditionally used in most homes, uses a telephone cord to connect from the base of the telephone to the wall jack. The cord has a plastic RJ-11 connector on each end of... Read More »

If I unplug cable cord between wall & modem & switch to longer cord, will it mess anything up?

You should not have any problems. If you do reboot, both your modem and pc and it will fix all. Good luck

I need a longer cord for my DSL connection , from the wall to modem, is this just a basic phone cord?

Yes! all it is is a basic phone cord..