Is There a Cure for Claustrophobia?

Answer The treatments of choice are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), behavioral therapy (basically exposure therapy), and in some cases use of medication (typically beta-blockers like propranolol or pi... Read More »

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What Are Some Questions About Claustrophobia?

Medical News Today defines claustrophobia as an "anxiety disorder in which someone has an intense and irrational fear of confined and enclosed spaces." A closer look at claustrophobia raises many q... Read More »

How to Begin Overcoming Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is an extreme fear of enclosed spaces. [1] It is an anxiety disorder and can cause panic attacks. The fear is often treated as irrational but to the person who suffers claustrophobia... Read More »

How to Dress up As Cure Marine from Heartcatch Pretty Cure?

So you watched HeartCatch Pretty Cure and saw that Erika Kurumi transformed into Cure Marine? Here's how to dress up.

What realy is the best way to CURE(notice the word cure) a hangover?

My 'CURE'..2 strong painkillers,a banana milkshake (if you can keep it down!)good source of Potassium,ideal for hangovers,or Rehydrate,buy it from chemist,mix with water and drink.Bed rest,cold com... Read More »