Is There Insurance on Equity Loans If the Homeowner Dies?

Answer Home equity loans are mortgages, and as with conventional mortgages, equity loan borrowers sometimes die with unpaid balances owed on their homes. You can insure your equity loan debt in a couple o... Read More »

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Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Answer Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above ground poolCheck wit... Read More »

What Happens to Home Equity Loans in Foreclosure?

A home equity loan is a secondary loan secured by the value of a home (the difference between the loan balance and the current market value of a property). The home equity loan is often considered ... Read More »

How are home equity loans calculated?

A home equity loan pledges your home as collateral for loan. There is a certain process involved in calculating a home equity loan. The amount you receive is based on the equity in your home.Signif... Read More »

What are points on home equity loans?

A point on a home equity loan, or any type of mortgage debt, is a set amount of money paid to purchase a lower interest rate. Paying a point is sometimes optional for the borrower, depending upon t... Read More »