Is There Any Makeup That Will Look Good in Neon Lighting?

Answer Many types of makeup tend to take on a different look depending on the light they are viewed under. Most makeup looks are favorable in soft, low lighting, but may become unflattering when worn unde... Read More »

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I hate how i look in mirrors in florecent lighting even with makeup is that how other people see me?

i am an interior designer, and the reason why florecent light is the bane of every woman's existance is because its spectrum of light is on the blue side, while incandescent more closely immitates ... Read More »

Primers that actually work well (& you'll look good in florescent lighting) Please help :/?

You sound about high school age which is same as me. I find that NOT wearing any powders or concealers works better than trying to cover it all up. Most people dont care because EVERYONE gets acne ... Read More »

Wow, You look rough without makeup. I thought you said that you was good lookingWhy did'nt you tell me that?

OOOOPS. God, you looked so very handsome, fit and sexy in the dark and through the bottom of those glasses, but reality.......... eeeewwwwwww. What was I thinking? I will stop drinking from this mi... Read More »

Do i have to use a makeup primer or will my foundation look just as good without it?

Some people prefer using primer, as they say that it makes their foundation apply more easily and stay on longer. I found that my foundation actually goes on better when I do not use my primer. I d... Read More »