Is There Any Hidden Meaning to Wearing a Ring on Your Thumb?

Answer Thumbs make us uniquely human. Wearing rings on the thumb reiterates their importance. Just like wearing rings on the fourth finger is said to lead to the heart, thumb rings have their own fair sha... Read More »

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Is there a significance to wearing a thumb ring?

On One Hand: Not in Modern TimesIn the past, the thumb ring has held many meanings. Archers from Chinese and other Asian cultures wore thumb rings on their left hand to protect them from damage fro... Read More »

How to Clean Your Nostril While Wearing a Nose Ring?

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On the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger...that area...does it hurt to get a tat there?

Nerves are a funny thing. What can be excruciating for one, could be a breeze for another. and vis-versa. Hands and feet are usually pretty painful, but from what I've heard, that spot isn't bad co... Read More »

What is your first impression when you see someone wearing a silver ring on the left hand, fourth finger?