Is There A Lotion To Stop Hair Growth?

Answer There are many hair growth lotions that claim to cease hair growth. However, while a few of the major brands are reputable in aiding in ceasing hair growth, still others claim to work better than t... Read More »

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Lotion That Minimizes Hair Growth?

If you are sick of shaving your legs daily or you have excessive hair on your upper lip, a lotion that minimizes hair growth may be just the thing you need. Designed to minimize hair growth, these ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Hair Growth Lotion?

The common stinging nettle, Urtica dioica, is hated by many because of the sting its leaves can inflict on the unsuspecting gardener or walker. However the nettle is said to be one of the most usef... Read More »

Does straightening stop hair growth?

No, if it did I would straighten the hair on my legs. Ok, well the kind of straightener you have wouldn't work, but if the technique made hair stop growing, someone would develop a similar product ... Read More »

How to Stop Body Hair Growth?

Hair growth on the human body is a natural occurrence that many individuals would like to do away with. Although simply having the hair vanish overnight isn't likely going to happen, there are seve... Read More »