Is the real housewives of Beverly hills scripted?

Answer Of course it is staged, like all reality shows.

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Is"The Real World"on MTV scripted?

"The Real World" is an unscripted show that airs on MTV. Although there are elements of a scripted show incorporated into the production, such as having a set (the house where the reality show star... Read More »

Is real housewives scripted?

Just because some TV network calls it a 'reality' show, does not make it real. There is likely some basis of truth in them but there is no way I'll ever believe there isn't also a script or at the ... Read More »

Is the Mtv Show The Hills Fake or Real?

It was fake.Even Kristen admitted she played to the Bit*y character and the producers even bribed the girls to say on Camera that Kristen was doing drugs when she wasn't. They bribed the girls with... Read More »

Who are sisters on the real housewives of Beverly hills?