Is The Galaxy S2 From Google?

Answer Google doesn't make the S2, samsung does. However, the operating system is made by Google if that's what you mean. It's the same as, for example, a Dell machine. The parts are put together and case... Read More »

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Google Play on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Could be a bug in the Google Play software on your phone. Make sure your phone software is up to date, or else try contacting Samsung.

Syncing galaxy tab 2 with google calander?

You have Android, which has complete integration with Google services...all you have to do is sign in to your Google account and that's it.EDIT: Yes, you're doing something wrong if it do... Read More »

Galaxy Nexus stuck on Google screen. help?

1. which is better; get ur phone work or safe ur file? did u put the files on SD card? if yes then ur files will be safe then. to get ur phone work again u need to reset or re flash the firmware. 2... Read More »

On Google app store what does it mean when it says "galaxy s3 for an older version"?

Its a fun thing, its like a theme that changes the widgets and other basic functions of the phone. Do try it, its fun!