Texas State Probate Law?

Answer The Texas Probate Code provides the law governing probate matters, including the making of wills, rules of inheritance without a will, administration of estates, establishment of heirs and appointm... Read More »

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Is the Texas state flower. . .?

That's very interesting, darling, because the Long Island flower is similar, but the bag is generic with an American flag printed on it, and the branch is a scrub-pine or oak.(I laughed...hard.)(((... Read More »

Texas State Car Lot Laws?

In the state of Texas, anyone who owns and operates a car lot must follow all federal and state rules accordingly, or he could face fines and/or criminal punishment.These laws are set in place to p... Read More »

How to Incorporate in the State of Texas?

Texas law views a corporation as a separate legal entity from the owners of the company. Shareholders of a Texas corporation have limited liability for the debts and obligations incurred by the co... Read More »

State of Texas Tax Laws?

The State of Texas and its local county governments levy a variety of taxes on individuals and businesses. Texas taxes differ from those in most other states because the Texas government does not c... Read More »