Who owned the land west of the Mississippi before the French& Indian war?

Answer Native Americans lived in the land west of the Mississippi before the French and Indian War, but they did not "own" it the way Europeans defined ownership. The French and British claimed the Ohio R... Read More »

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How to Start a Publicly Owned Company?

The purpose of common stock is to provide capital to a company. The purpose of the public stock exchanges is to provide liquidity to the owners of common stock. During recessions, it is difficult f... Read More »

How to Start a Minority Owned Company?

A defined minority owned business is one in which an African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Native Americans or female has a 51 percent ownership stake. Once you've established a mino... Read More »

How to Start an Employee Owned Company?

You might seek to create jobs and become owner of your employers company as your way to help revitalize the U. S. economy. Tax reforms in 1998 helped spur job creation and promote American business... Read More »

Who owned F.B. Rogers silver company?

Edmund W. Porter and L.B. West bought the F.B. Rogers Silver company in 1886 and moved the company from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, to Taunton, Massachusetts. In 1985 the company was sold to J.... Read More »