Is Tall Fescue a Desirable Grass?

Answer Tall fescue, a common grass throughout much of the United States, is a fast-growing utility grass tolerant to high traffic. Tall fescue is commonly used in grass seed blends. Does t... Read More »

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How do i grow fescue grass?

Prepare the SoilLoosen the dirt of the desired planting area by tilling 2 inches deep. Manually remove any debris in the area, such as twigs, sticks, rocks, roots and weeds. Rake the area until lev... Read More »

How to Treat Fescue Grass Mold?

Fescue is a common grass type that thrives in cooler temperatures. Fescue is intolerant of hotter weather and will typically recede in the warm summer months. This hardy grass variety is frequently... Read More »

How do I mix bermuda grass with fescue?

OverseedingOverseed Bermuda grass in mid to late September. Mixing Bermuda and fescue grasses is common on golf courses to avoid the look of dead grass on the fairways and for grazing land. Bermuda... Read More »

Types of Fescue Grass Seeds?

Fescue is type of grass that grows mainly in cool seasons. It grows aggressively and spreads to form a uniform, thick turf. It is also evergreen, producing a year-round, dark green turf. For that r... Read More »