Is Taco Bell authentic Mexican cuisine?

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I'm gonna punch someone, Taco Bell is not Authentic Mexican Food!!!!?

I agree, but nothing to knock anyone out over.

Is there anything better than chowing down on authentic Mexican cuisine with your BFF after a crappy month?

Oh sure, now I'm fecking hungry. Thanks a lot. I was going to send my last $3.23 to that one kid from Cambodia on TV who needs a sponsor but now I gotta use it at Taco Bell on the way home.

How to Make Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas?

At Taco Bell, Mexican pizzas are delicious, good sized pizzas with a Mexican twist. You can now make your own version right at home.

Is Taco Bell spanish or mexican food?

Taco Bell is mexican. Authentic mexican is not as flavorful. They don't use as much spices, cheese, or sauce.