Is TOR safe to install on my windows seven laptop?

Answer TOR (The Onion Router) enables you to surf the Internet anonymously without leaving a trace (cookies, browsing history, etc.) on your computer. So it is safe to install.

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How Safe is WiFi Internet on a Windows PC or Laptop?

Only as safe as the strength of WiFi encryption (WPA2 is recommended). It also depends on whether your Windows PC/laptop is connected to a public WiFi or your own private wireless internet. This is... Read More »

Can you install Windows XP SP2 in safe mode?

Microsoft Support does not recommend installing service packs when Windows XP is running in safe mode. Service Pack 2, SP2, can be installed in safe mode, if you cannot start Windows normally.Sourc... Read More »

How to Install Windows XP in Safe Mode?

Installing your Windows XP operating system in safe mode is simple. The reasons why you may want to perform this task include upgrading from an older Windows version, computer's functionality becom... Read More »

I want to install windows xp on my HP LAPTOP?

It may be due to the fact that windows XP do not has the driver for SATA hard disk or other hardware on your laptop. If you want to install xp , you can install a modified version of windows XP cal... Read More »