Is Sushi easy to make?

Answer Sushi is like most things in life. It's as complicated or simple as you want it to be. Tip. Start simple. You don't hit a home run your first time at bat.

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Can i use a sushi party mix to make regular sushi?

The word "sushi" simply means "vinegar rice" (su - vinegar; shi - rice) and describes steamed, rapidly cooled rice that is mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt and garnished with toppings. Any type o... Read More »

What are the more pricer sushi and sashimi pieces at a sushi buffet?

They are all include with the price of the buffet.

How to Make Sushi?

Lots of people love sushi, but think it can only be procured outside the home. Here's a simple guide to making sushi in your kitchen!

How to Make Box Sushi?

Box sushi, or hako sushi, is sushi pressed into the shape of a box. This wikiHow article will show you how to make box sushi using both salmon and shrimp. Serves 2