Is Sulfamethoxazole the right treatment for an infant with salmonella?

Answer 2-3 inches

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Can I take Tylenol with sulfamethoxazole?

On One Hand: No Interactions ListedAccording to, the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole and the pain medication Tylenol (acetaminophen) do not negatively interact with one another. However, not ... Read More »

Well right now i am 21 and i have cancer.Should i go ahead with treatment or not?

Go ahead with treatment. It's your best option for beating it.

Does a cancer patient have the right to refuse treatment without fearing forced treatment?

Yes.In fact its vest to refuse treatment from the mainstream meducal profession, and seek an alternative treatment. There are many cures available.Read this report. Read More »

Treatment of an infant has a systemic viral infection?

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