Are styrofoam plates recyclable?

Answer You can recycle Styrofoam plates, but you must find someone who will take it, according to the City of Concord, California. However, recycling Styrofoam plates usually proves uneconomical because t... Read More »

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Are styrofoam cups recyclable?

Styrofoam, which is made from a polymer called polystyrene, is recycled by some facilities such as the First Alternative Co-op. Recycled Styrofoam may be used for packaging. Some facilities reuse S... Read More »

Are styrofoam peanuts recyclable?

Styrofoam peanuts are non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Individuals and businesses interested in recycling Styrofoam peanuts may contact local pack-and-ship businesses, such as UPS, that ... Read More »

Are Styrofoam cups as recyclable as plastic?

Polystyrene (Styrofoam) can be recycled, although it is not usually accepted for curbside recycling. However, its low weight, durability and low scrap value makes recycling polystyrene less cost-ef... Read More »

Is Tyvek recyclable?

Tyvek is made from high density polyethylene. HDPE is the same material as many shopping bags and water bottles are made from, and it can be recycled. DuPont has a program set up with Waste Managem... Read More »