Is Steve wilkos show fake?

Answer Without having a copy of the script for any given episode, it's hard to say with certainty.Hey! They called me today about a problem I am having with an assbite property manager. Asked a bunch of q... Read More »

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Is the Steve wilkos show fake?

Yes the show is fake. Why else would people want to go on a show and get yelled at. Lets say you did something wrong and you know you did something wrong why would you go on a show and have people ... Read More »

Are the sthe stories on the Steve wilkos show real or fake?

Shows are real I would know I work for the show. Some are real some are scripted

In addition to being his bodyguard Steve Wilkos sometimes sat in for him on his show Who?

What song was played during the Steve Harvey morning show on Monday the 10th of December that everyone on the show enjoyed?